Hoochie Coochie

In July of 1893, Comstock and an “investigative entourage” traveled to Chicago for the World’s Columbian Exposition, and made their way to the Midway to be outraged by the dancers at The Streets of Cairo. Comstock demanded the end to the indecent exhibitions by Little Egypt and others, “shameless women who were defiling the magnificence of the fair with their nastiness.”

Comstock Hoochie

One member of his entourage said, “I would sooner lay my two boys in their graves than that they should look upon the sights I saw.” Another noted, “I have been to the mouth of Hell today.”

Comstock described the dancing as “the most outrageous assault on the sacred dignity of womanhood ever endured in this country.” And he added, “Innocent girls and women go to visit these sideshows and unsuspectingly go in to see the dancing. They are disgusted and shamed by the sight, and besides they have to hear the low-minded spectators crying out to the dancers. Decent people have to get up and stalk out before all that crowd. Oh, it’s shameful.”


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