Traps for the Young

Comstock Brown

“Lust breeds unhallowed living, and sinks man, made in the image of God, below the level of the beasts. There is no force at work in the community more insidious, more constant in its demands, or more powerful and far-reaching than lust. It is the constant companion of all other crimes.” 

Comstock Purple

Evil influences burn themselves in. Vile books and papers are branding-irons heated in the fires of hell, and used by Satan to sear the highest life of the soul.”

Comstock Green

“We now come to a class [of evil] that is thrust upon the youth in secret. The favorite method is under the sanctity of the seal in the United States mail. By means of it the most infamous scoundrel may send the vilest matter to the purest boy or girl. And this is being done systematically.”

Quotes from Traps for the Young (1883) by Anthony Comstock


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