Winter Sport

In March of 1887, the Albany Argus reported this sting:

“Among the winter sports in the Hudson river counties is ‘hog guessing,’ that is, a contest in estimating the weight of a hog fattened for market. The guessings are the occasion for a holiday, and generally occur at some village or roadside inn. One occurred Feb. 23d in the village of Red Hook. Detective Olam, one of Anthony Comstock’s men, was present. He joined in the sport with a will, and talked hog and hog guessing as fast as any. Guessing tickets were sold at one dollar each… Now Mr. Solam, owner of the hog, and Mr. Daley, the proprietor of the hotel where the guessing occurred, have been arrested on a charge of violating the State law against lottery, the complainant being Anthony Comstock.”



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